UPDATED 9/4/19 at 6:09 p.m. ET: Contrary to earlier reports, Cardi B was not calling out a group of child rappers in an expletive-filled Instagram Live broadcast.

The Bronx rapper refuted the reports via Twitter on Wednesday, sharing the full video in which she was actually responding to critics who dismissed her accomplishments.

"First of all I was talking about a fan base that was coming for me when it comes to album and Grammies and people chopped my video to make it seem like I was talkin about them kids," she tweeted. "Second why don’t ya go bitch to the parents that got lil kids talking shit about others?"

As pointed out by Vice, Cardi's Instagram Live sessions was broadcasted in late August, around the time she had gone to Twitter to defend her Grammy-winning album, Invasion of Privacy.

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Cardi B is now beefing with prepubescent white boys—or so it seems.

On Monday night, the Bronx rapper hit up Instagram Live to call out a child rap crew made up of fraternal quadruplet brothers from Westchester, New York. No, really. The children—who go by the stage names Hollywood, Slim Z, Bonez McKoy, and Mr. Great—are collectively known as ZN8tion on social media. About two weeks ago, the brothers took aim at Cardi with a diss track that challenged her relevancy, criticized her mug, and accused her of having a fake ass.

"We know how you do, when you tryna get that worm/That's why you washed up, you remind me of a germ," they rapped in the track. Later bars include, "They could fix your teeth, but they couldn’t fix your face" and "We turn it up and you ain't make the cut/I don't know what's faker, your life or your butt."

Cardi's response wasn't exactly G-rated. "Not gonna let no little fuckin' white boys motherfuckin' come at me all motherfuckin' day long," she said in the Instagram Live broadcast. "Shut the fuck up, and stay in your motherfucking place. Go drink your motherfucking milk, bitch. Fuck. I be too fuckin' nice to every-motherfuckin'-body. Suck my dick."

ZN8tion member Hollywood told Page Six he and his brothers went after Cardi because they believe she is a bully to her fellow artists. "We wanted to show Cardi B to not be a bully and give her a taste of her own medicine," he told the publication.

Hollywood also said he was pleased with Cardi's reaction, as it "made us feel like we’d done our job."

Though Cardi's response sounded genuine, some suspect this may have been some kind of prank. Like every other rapper, Cardi has her fair share of haters and random social media trolls—so out of all of her critics, why would she chose to specifically call out (and publicize) these children? Hmm.

If this "beef" turns out to be a stunt, we have to applaud Cardi for her acting skills. 

According to Page Six, ZN8tion have also used their music to go diss 6ix9ine, rapping: "Tekashi 6ix9ine in the prison dropping soap, crying to the judge but he’s got no hope." L-O-L.