Young Thug and YFN Lucci are back at it again. 

Following the release of Thug's latest project So Much FunLucci felt the need to trash the album and bring up Thugger's 2016 arrest over an active warrant at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta.

Thugger amplified his previous threats towards Lucci, stating, "if ain like what u do for your mother and kids I WOULDVE BEEN KILLED U." 

Their on-again, off-again beef goes as far back as 2017 when the two exchanged words on Twitter after Lucci responded to Thug anointing himself as the new Tupac, saying, "Pac would've never wore a dress." Thugger fired back with a series of tweets that warned "doin [too] much could become a deep sleep."

Over the last two years, their feud has sporadically popped off and seemed to take a turn for the worse in recent months when they went back-and-forth on Instagram Live after Thug threatened to slap Lucci and Sauce Walka. 

"I'mma slap the hell out y'all little n***as, man," he said. "Stop playin' with me."

Lucci responded with a video that included a gay slur boldly displayed across the middle of the screen. Thugger hopped back on Instagram Live to reiterate his intentions when saw Lucci and Sauce Walka in person. "My teeth cost more than your little broke ass life, boy," he said. "Stop playing. I'mma slap the shit out of [you] as soon as I see you, like I said."

Lucci stooped lower in his ensuing response by tagging Thug's girlfriend Jerrika Karlae and saying, "Ya husband ain't nun." Lucci then took to his Instagram story where he insinuated he had sex with Karlae. This prompted Jerrika to defend herself by firing off tweets denying any sexual relationship with Lucci.