Premiere: Ahead Of Her Debut Album, Sinead Harnett Shares Stunning Visuals For "Pulling Away" With Gallant

The long-awaited debut album drops next month.

UK R&B queen Sinead Harnett has just announced the imminent arrival of her long-awaited debut album, Lessons In Love, dropping September this year.

Having spent a good few years carving out her identity as an artist and exploring different sounds with various producers, it already looks as if her patience will pay off. For lead single "Pulling Away", she's teamed up with American R&B singer Gallant for a delicate, soaring track that comes with a smooth set of visuals shot on location in L.A.

Gallant's not the only collaborator on the album, either. Long-time friends and collaborators JD. Reid and Monro appear with the former producing "Lessons" and the latter handling production on four tracks — "All That You Are", "All That You Are", "Too Good For A Bad Thing" and "Him Too". Lessons In Love also sees Harnett draft in high-profile songwriters like Grades, Stint and Cass Lowe, which suggests we're in for an album that's more than worth the wait.

Speaking with Complex via email, Harnett told us: "I never planned the way this album would take shape and I didn't know the title or concept until I'd chosen the songs. Up until now, I hadn't even realised what my purpose is as a writer; but now, standing in front of this project, I see that I've done everything out of love."


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