In April, Australian producer Roland Tings (real name Rohan Newman) announced he would be releasing his second full-length album, Salt Water, along with the project's first single, "Hiding In The Bushes". Now he's back with the second single, "Always Rushing", a collaboration with fellow Australian Melbourne producer Mild Minds. Together they've created a soothing, '80s-tinged piece of club music that at times hints at acid with its squelchy synths and at others it touches on electro and synth pop. By keeping one foot in the club, "Always Rushing" is a truly versatile track and a hands-in-the-air banger for all occasions.

Speaking with Complex via email, Newman explained the thinking behind the new single: "I keep going because I'm obsessed with the process of creation. I love finding new ways to express different ideas. I love researching ideas and digging to the root of them. Finding where they came from and why they exist. I love to take other people's ideas from unrelated fields and try to integrate them into what I'm doing. That's where I think the most interesting ground is with regards to music. How do you turn orchestral music into techno, how do you turn a painting into sound, how do you represent a book as a song?"

The original version of "Always Rushing" drops tomorrow, August 2, via Sony / Cascine, followed by a remix from Swiss techno producer Deetron later in the month.