Sound system enthusiasts Itoa and Lean Low have united for a brand new EP, Icy, coming August 23 on Bad Taste Records (pre-order it here). Ahead of that, they've just unveiled "Thank U" with dancehall legend Warrior Queen on vocals, and it's heaven-sent for Carnival.

For the past few years, Londoner Itoa has made a name for himself exploring the overlapping area between jungle and footwork and Lean Low has been using his Bad Taste Records as well as his own productions to explore all manner of club sounds, usually at the bass-heavy end of the spectrum.

"Thank U", and the Icy EP that birthed it, see the two producers combine their mutual love of all things low end to create a storming club cut that's still surprisingly light and melodic. Backed by big, bold bass stabs and acidic squelches, the veteran MC gives thanks for the things that matter, gifting us an uplifting Carnival anthem in the process.