Bishop Nehru delivered his highly anticipated album Elevators: Act I & II last year, working with Kaytranada on the first half and MF DOOM on the second. The cohesive vision that shines through on his best material is helped by his tendency to stick with one producer per project, and he's keeping that going with his new EP with Brady Watt.

Today, the two deliver a promising preview of their collaborative EP with "Made for This."

"I heard a bunch of Brady’s production and I was drawn to it. He sent me beats pretty regularly and we met up last year and we had a bunch of dope ideas that we kept going back and forth with," Bishop told Complex. "We didn’t go into this looking to make an EP, but the music and vibe was there and it was very organic." The smooth production compliments Nehru's vivid storytelling, and they've got more on the way with The Real Book, Vol. 1 later this month.

"Bishop and I met thru DJ Premier and his involvement in my career is an incredible and rare blessing," Watt explained. "I’ve been searching for an MC like Bishop to team up with in this capacity for a long time now. My dream and destiny as a producer is to be the dude responsible for the music end of an icon. Like a Quincy to Michael Jackson, Dre to Eminem, 40 to Drake type shit."

Look out for the full release of The Real Book, Vol. 1 on Aug. 30, and check out the cover art for the project below.

The Real Book Vol. 1
Image via Publicist

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