UPDATED, 1:30 p.m. ET: Rocky and his co-defendants will be released from custody as they await an Aug. 14 verdict. They do not need to remain in Sweden.

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Friday marked the presumed final day of ASAP Rocky's Sweden trial.

Per on-site updates from BBC News' Larissa Kennelly and The Times' Alex Marshall, Rocky arrived in a suit instead of the green custody uniform he was said to have been wearing during the previous two days of trial.

The man who was with the assault accuser at the time of the late June incident spoke with the court via interpreter, saying he saw Rocky throw his friend and adding that he's not of the belief that Rocky and those with him were afraid. He reiterated claims previously made by the assault accuser, Mustafa Jafari.

The man was also asked about the accuser initially approaching Rocky and company in search of hash, a detail previously shared with local authorities, though the man (seen in court wearing a custody shirt due to an unrelated arrest) said Friday he doesn't recall that.

The alleged use of bottles, a repeated topic of focus during Thursday's proceedings, was again broached Friday. The man also claimed Friday that he too was "attacked."

Next, Rocky's bodyguard took the stand, explaining (as Rocky himself did earlier this week) that the day in question began with an attempt to get out and see the regional architecture. On the day in question, the bodyguard had flipped his ASAP Rocky t-shirt inside out to avoid drawing attention to the group.

Rocky's assessment of the assault accuser seeming off during their interactions was echoed by the bodyguard, who described the man's eyes as being "glossy" and pointed to his security experience as being crucial in moments like this.

The accuser, the bodyguard told the court, was "hostile" during the interaction and swung an attempted closed-fist punch that failed to connect and (as previously reported) tossed headphones at him. As Rocky also stated earlier this week, the man was said by the bodyguard to have been advised on multiple instances to leave them alone.

Rocky and his team were continually followed, the bodyguard said, with the assault accuser talking and mumbling indeterminable things. At one point, per the bodyguard's Friday comments, the accuser possessed something greenish in color in his hands. When passersby attempted to intervene, the accuser "didn't like" what they were saying, ultimately taking a swing at the bodyguard. Rocky then reportedly came to the guard's defense. The guard ultimately used force to protect Rocky.

Addressing Rocky's previous in-court assessment that the bodyguard's actions reflected a following of the usual security protocol, the guard himself was asked Friday if Rocky intervening is part of the same protocol. Per the guard, it is: 

The guard also made a point to note that Rocky is "kindhearted' and even thanked the judge in Swedish when finishing his testimony, according to on-site journalist Maddy Savage:

Rocky also spoke again, telling those in attendance he would be willing to do charity volunteer work or to meet with Swedish artists while awaiting a verdict. He also expressed his desire to meet with his mother and to get a shower. Per Kennelly, there appeared to be discussion regarding the possibility of a temporary release for Rocky and others involved, though this is merely one option for the court while a verdict is awaited.

When summarizing his argument against Rocky and the co-defendants, the prosecutor said Friday that despite the plaintiff's behavior, all three "must take responsibility."

Furthermore, the prosecutor said that alleged injuries sustained pointed to more than just punches and pushing, with even just what's seen in footage possibly amounting to assault in their eyes. The issue of bottles was brought up once again.

The prosecutor also pushed back against previous comments from Rocky about attempting to call the police, questioned their claims of being afraid during the incident, and said they had multiple chances to exit the incident. As for the self-defense argument, the court stated that the actions from Rocky and his team were not proportionate enough to the assault accuser's actions to make such a claim.

Noting that they had time to make a different decision given that there was no imminent emergency, the prosecutor said Rocky’s team used an excess of force and should be convicted of assault. The prosecutor also advised a six-month sentence for Rocky and the co-defendants should a conviction occur:

Rocky, by the prosecutor's assessment, also remains a flight risk. Per a separate account from TMZ on Friday's happenings, prosecutors are said to have rejected the unusual request by way of the Trump administration to have Rocky and the co-defendants released to a hotel.

The prosecutor referenced previous tried cases in the region during Friday's case, further arguing that Rocky's case, by comparison, borders on "grave assault" levels. The plaintiff's attorney, meanwhile, complimented Rocky for his polite and charming behavior throughout the proceedings but told the court Friday that he had doubts about his credibility.

In the final moments of Friday's proceedings, those on the ground noted the tension in the air. Rocky's attorney gave his final thoughts, explaining how he’s treated this week like any other in his career, perhaps a suggestion meant to convince the court that Rocky has been treated the same as anyone else would in this situation. The media attention given to the case was also pointed out.

Also in the closing moments Friday, Rocky's attorney placed a green bootle on the judge’s desk, yet again bringing the bottle debate back to the forefront of the case.

The defense also strongly argued against any suggestion that this constitutes a pre-meditated assault, explaining that Rocky decided on his own (and without planning) to engage in his actions. Video evidence was shown in court Friday to back up this assessment of the encounter.

Rocky's involvement is said by the attorney to have lasted for mere seconds. Furthermore, the defense argued, he is not responsible for the actions of anyone other than himself. Comments made by a witness, meanwhile, are having their veracity called into question due to the length of time that's passed since the incident that landed Rocky and the co-defendants in court.

The bottle discrepancy was then detailed even further, with the defense arguing that alleged injuries sustained were not consistent with what would have been possible using this specific bottle. Additionally, alleged texts about using bottles were argued as not evidence-usable given that certain witnesses were not called.

Additional defense attorneys echoed these concerns, pointing specifically to the short period of time from which the assault allegations stem and pushing back against some of the claims made by the assault accuser earlier this week:

As the day progressed, reporters on the ground noted just how lengthy Friday's court happenings had been. Deep into the events, the judge asked if court employees could stick around for an estimated 30 additional minutes in order to hear additional closing arguments. As those arguments continued, the alleged assault victim was characterized as a liar by the defense, who noted that many inquiries had been left unresolved.

After these comments, the judge called for another pause:

Following the break, a decision of some sort was expected from the judge, mostly likely as to whether Rocky and the co-defendants would be temporarily released. Either way, those on the ground agree, whatever is announced will likely be a signal of sorts for the final verdict.