Taylor Swift is the musical representation of our corporate overlords. She's an unstoppable pop leviathan that does everything in her power to appear regular, the Top 40 equivalent of the smile on an Amazon box. So, it's fitting that Swift is in so close with Jeff Bezos' all-consuming online marketplace. Shortly after she performed at a concert supporting the company's annual mega-sale, Amazon is returning the favor by slapping promo for her upcoming album Lover, due out Aug. 23, on random deliveries. 

Swift's questionable Amazon amicability has been on display in recent weeks. She encouraged her fans to buy exclusive bundles through the retailer in the midst of a company-wide strike and sympathetic boycott. 

Amazon confirmed that the boxes are real after a Swift fan asked after it on Twitter. 

The admittedly ~aesthetic~ boxes are shipping out on random, surprising U.S. Amazon customers with a reminder that Swift's new album is coming. The Swiftie Boat Veterans for Truth are all over it, ready to order away in the hopes of landing a promo box. 


While Reddit is touting the boxes as a first in the history of Amazon, the retailer actually sent out Minions boxes in their immediately recognizable shade of yellow ahead of their stand-alone spin-off movie