In his recent Instagram post, Slim 400 shares an update on his health while also making light of the situation. 

First, the rapper extended thanks to the hospital staff that saved his life. To pay them back, he vows to spot them Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles and Taco Mell for the rest of their lives. He then turns his attention to his attackers. While most people would either send a threatening message or try to forget the incident occurred, Slim 400 decided to use some jokes to mock their failed attempt of gunning him down.

"God I thank whoeva was poppin 4 buyn them shells at walmart," the caption reads. "I’m here 4 a reason Hol’Upppp."

As reported last month, Slim 400 was shot during a drive-by in his hometown of Compton. Per sources, the assailants then exited the vehicle to fire more shots at the rapper. Slim was then rushed to the hospital where he underwent four successful surgeries to keep him alive.

During Slim's recovery, his friend and close-collaborator YG was by his side. Although no suspects have been identified, YG is following the lead of his artist by remaining unphased by the incident. 

"400 Hunnit n***as don't die the money multiply," YG told TMZ when asked about the situation. He then shifted his thoughts from the potential danger to his friend's recovery. "The homie alive, don't even worry about that."

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