It's been almost four years since Hamburg-based producer Joney released his debut album, Illowhead, but he's finally back with news of his next collection, Bananarchy (due this summer via Audiolith). Ahead of the project's release, he's today sharing the first taste with the grimey, dubsteppy "Owl School".

Where Illowhead took a lot of the lessons learnt from the experimental electronica that first inspired him, Joney builds on those caustic sounds, this time playing up the more club-focused influences like grime, dubstep, house music and UKG. His approach is still adventurous and progressive, but as project opener "Owl School" demonstrates, Bananarchy looks set to be passionate, dark and more driven than ever.

Speaking with Complex via email, told us: "I wanted to create an electronic emotion which isn't too obvious but enough to make you really feel the soothing beats floating up on a warm spring night. I envisaged the listener getting overwhelmed from this picture made out of sounds. The contrast between a fresh, cold landscape, body heat and desire is the main drive for this album. At times you feel reminded of a love act from creatures from out of space coming together in their own rhythms and creating a whole new beat. You will not free yourself from this utopia although the album title suggests something else. The cravings after the fundamental change from a social order are manifested in these seven songs."