In the last couple of years, Melbourne jazz collective 30/70 have made huge gains in the scene; their 2017 album, Elevate, was an energetic, landmark release that pushed jazz's club potential right to the fore. When Gilles Peterson's Brownswood label approached the collective about profiling their hometown's jazz scene for a follow-up to We Out Here, they ended up featuring three members' solo tracks on the comp, and they've yet to slow down.

Now they're back with a new single, "Tempted", a continuation of the broken beat, hip-hop-influenced jazz of their debut album. As ever, Allysha Joy's '90s-leaning vocals are just as much the star as the slinking sax and squelchy basslines, but her voice sounds more powerful than ever this time round. Watch the visuals at the top and follow Allysha as she seductively leads you through an endless house party.

"Tempted" is taken from their upcoming second album, Fluid Motion, which is dropping in September via Peckham-based label Rhythm Section International.