New details have emerged on the murder of Nipsey Hussle, including the events leading up to and directly proceeding the shooting death of the celebrated artist and philanthropist outside his Marathon Clothing shop in Los Angeles.

This new insight comes via recently unsealed (thanks to the Los Angeles Times) transcripts from a grand jury hearing that have since been combed over by other outlets, including Vulture. The latter's report from Tuesday breaks down several key findings in the 515-page transcripts, including the fact there "seems to be" a great deal of surveillance footage of the shooting itself, for which 29-year-old Eric Holder was ultimately charged with murder and additional counts.

Also, as touched on in previous reports, a woman identified only as Witness 1 is said to have told authorities she drove Holder to the Slauson and Crenshaw area on the day of Nipsey’s murder. Once they arrived, Nipsey was spotted outside Marathon. While his presence was noted by Witness 1, Holder allegedly had no initial reaction. While Holder waited for an order from Master Burger, he's alleged to have walked over and spoken with Nipsey several times, with Holder at one point asking him if he had "snitched."

When Witness 1 drove Holder from the strip mall, he pulled out a semi-automatic gun (which she says she wasn't aware was on his person at the time) and asked her to drive around the block. Witness 1 then told Holder that she wouldn't allow "a drive-by" to be instigated from her vehicle. Later, the vehicle was parked (allegedly at Holder's urging) in a lot near Slauson and 58th Place. Witness 1 was allegedly told to stay inside the vehicle, at which point Holder is said to have exited, with Witness 1 eventually hearing gunshots and becoming worried. Upon Holder's return to the vehicle, he allegedly told her to drive away and threatened her.

From there, per Vulture's breakdown, Holder spent the night at Witness 1's mother's house before being turned down when he asked to stay at her apartment the following morning. Holder, however, is alleged to have convinced Witness 1 to secure him a hotel room using her ID, though she did not provide the payment itself. That same day, Holder began being discussed as a suspect in the news, with stories eventually coming to light that included a description of the car Witness 1 was driving. She later submitted to an interview with authorities.

Testimony was also presented during the grand jury hearing from the medical examiner, detectives, the District Attorney’s office, and "key witnesses" Kerry Lathan and Herman Douglas. Lathan, like Witness 1, obtained immunity thanks to his agreement to testify. He's been told by doctors that a bullet fragment currently stuck near his spine carries a high risk of paralysis should attempts to remove it be initiated.

For more from the recently unsealed documents, including Deputy District Attorney John McKinney's argument that Holder be charged with first-degree murder based on premeditation evidence, see Paul Thompson's full rundown here.