Nearly three months after Nipsey Hussel's death, The Game is still struggling to wrap his head around the tragedy. 

"I love Nip. I miss Nip. I'm still not OK with what happened," the Compton rapper said during a recent L.A. Leakers interview (18:15). "It's 'Prolific' on my temple, so when I look in the mirror I see it, I see him, I post him. And I don't give a fuck about how nobody feel about what I do on my Instagram for my brother. If I'm writing a poem, if I'm inspiring people, if I post a picture of him, it's because we had a moment. I'm not saying that I was Nip's best friend in the world. No. He had a squad of people that he came up with. We from two different sides of the track. I'm from Compton, he's from South Central. But the day I met Nip, all the way till the day he passed, it was nothing but love."

The Game went on to talk about his early support of Nipsey, despite their clashing gang affiliations.

"Every time I seen Nip, he said the exact same thing to me. Every fuckin' time I seen Nip, he gave me a dap that turned into a hug, and said, 'Thank you, Chuck, you know, for everything,'" The Game recalled. "He always thanked me for everything, bro. Because a lot of people don't know, I took Kendrick, and I took Jay Rock, and I took Nipsey on tour with me, bro—on the LAX tour [...] I fought my own homies behind that." 

The Game also addressed the fact that Nipsey didn't receive much play on the radio until after his death. He then urged the "big wigs" to start supporting true talent as early as possible. He then spoke about Nipsey's commitment to the community, selflessness, and generosity.

"I just can't wrap my head around how somebody that gave everything to Crenshaw and Slauson just passes on Crenshaw and Slauson. That will never make sense to me, bro," he said (20:50). "And that n***a that did that is a fuckin' coward, bro. And on my kids—all three of my kids—I better I never be in the same room as that dude [...] just strangle him to fuckin' death."

You can watch The Game's full L.A. Leakers interview above. He also discusses his collaborations with Dr. Dre, the moment he decided to pursue music, his children, and his upcoming final album, Born to Rap. The MC confirmed the project will boast a diverse mix of guest artists, such as Ed Sheeran, Miguel, Tory Lanez, and Dom Kennedy, who produced the album. It's also rumored that the project will include a Nipsey feature.

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