Brooklyn-based R&B artist James Bambu began his career as a musician in 2016 when he made the ambitious move from his hometown of Atlanta all the way to NYC. Shortly after that, he released his debut EP Soulo and things haven't really slowed down since because now he's back with visuals for "Sunny Daze", his second single since his Del Sol album last year. The video was shot and directed by Atlanta duo THEM and is rendered through a grainy lens with pastel colours and soft focus shots to add to that hazy, nostalgic edge. Sonically, Bambu cites influences like D'Angelo, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and the rest of the greats, something that can be heard throughout in the thoughtful songwriting, delicate guitar playing and soulful yet upbeat delivery. 

Speaking with Complex via email, Bambu told us: "I wrote 'Sunny Daze' for everyone searching for inspiration or some type of breakthrough in the midst of stress, pressure, and hopelessness. Growing into an adult comes with understanding your own capabilities and limitations through self-reflection and self-motivation, so I'm super excited for the people that have been using this song as their personal pep talk, to finally see the visual for this song."