Kierra Luv is an artist to watch. The teenage rapper has continued to generate buzz with her series of viral freestyles, one of which received Cardi B's stamp of approval. 

This week, the Kierra maintains that momentum with the release of her "Put You On" music video, which directed by Logan Mies. The video was shot in two contrasting locations: Central Los Angeles and the affluent Malibu Canyon. Kierra is seen as a little girl who attempts to distract herself from her home life problems; the child then catches up with present-day Kierra, and gets a glimpse at her inevitable come-up.

You can check out the "Put You On" video above or stream it now on major platforms.

We also caught up with Kierra for a quick Q&A in which she discusses her Cardi B co-sign, her biggest hip-hop influences, and her five-year plan. Check it out below. 

Who were some of your rap influences growing up?
Some of my rap influences growing up was/still is Diddy, he was changing the game in so many different ways, not only in music but taking that and flipping it to a business, that’s so dope. Also, Lil Wayne. Def Tha Carter IV was an amazing album that really paved the way; "6 Foot 7 Foot" is a classic. Another influence has to be Nelly!

What was your initial reaction when Cardi B co-signed your "Money" freestyle?
I remember recording the video to my reaction. I can’t remember where I was, but all I can remember was running out into the hallway and screaming, "I am never coming back here again." I believe I was at school. That was an epic moment, I would never forget it.

The video for "Put You On" shows the difference of what your life is like now that you've gained notoriety through your music. What do you hope to accomplish five years from now?
In five years I will be 22. I hope to change lives, not just my life but to make a difference in others'—to show my creativity outside of music and to show the world what I can do. I plan on having multiple businesses, getting into fashion, and maybe even acting. I hope I'll be impacting other people's lives, the same way mine was.

What made you want to sign with 10K Projects/EF Management?
Not only because of their success with other young artists, but the vibe was right, you know? They made me feel comfortable and I saw a future with them.