50 Cent continues to peddle transphobic comments amid the public back-and-forth with his former (?) G-Unit collaborator Young Buck.

In an Instagram post late Tuesday, 50 mined similar territory from his previous Buck-mocking posts.

"I think he's, I mean she is mad she gave [Young Buck] the idea for a ❤️ valentines project," 50 said in the caption when sharing @iamglamourpurfek.official's "Shorty Wanna Ride With Me" remix. "Smh just kiss and make up Buck."

50 also commented on her page, prompting her to ask him to make her the "first transgender rapper of the UNIT."

Image via Instagram

This was followed by even more from 50, including a GoFundMe to "set your favorite rapper free" and a mocking t-shirt.

Wednesday morning, Buck responded, telling 50 his "days are numbered."

Back in September, both Buck and GlamourPurfek responded to the release of a viral video in which GlamourPurfek's voice was allegedly edited to make it sound as though she was saying Buck's name.

"First, I would like to start by apologizing to David [Young Buck], his family, friends, anyone who has been offended or hurt by the video that was recently posted upon my page," GlamourPurfek later said, noting that her Instagram had been hacked and that "charges have been brought against" those believed to be responsible.

50 was among those who mocked Buck amid the alleged hack's ensuing gossip news cycle, even as recently as last month, that time met with a response from Buck in which he said 50 was attempting to "sabotage' him and his career with cease-and-desists.

"I'll burn your career down," Buck said at the time. "I'll Ja Rule you."