YG stopped by the Breakfast Club to talk about his new record 4REAL 4REAL, the death of his close friend Nipsey Hussle, and his new clothing line. The Compton rapper has already opened up about how Nip's death impacted him, but this time he wanted to focus on what he said is "fake" love for the late rapper.

"It's fake as fuck and it's like, my n***a like, you got all these fake ass motherfuckers living on planet Earth but the real ones is gone," he said at the 7:50 point of the interview. "Take these fake n***as away, you feel me? Maybe we wouldn't be so sad." From there, Charlamagne asked if he had heard Joyner Lucas' song "Devil's Work," in which he referenced Nip's death and suggested that God should take people like Tomi Lahren and Donald Trump instead. "Yeah I heard it," YG said.

"I got a question mark for God right now," he said. "I don't understand this shit." YG previously addressed "fake love" at the launch party for his 4REAL 4REAL album.

Thankfully, he said his daughters have helped him cope with his grief. His second daughter is expected to be born in July, and he said her name will be Vibe. "She made me really chill out a bit," he said of his daughter Harmony. 

At around 22:30, YG also discussed how he's started to open up more about his mental health struggles. "Y'all know who Scott Budnick is?" he asked, referring to the movie producer. "He really got me on that mental health shit," he added. "He told me some shit, like, 'A man's brain is not fully developed until you like 26.' So a lot of things that men do when you young you ain't even fully developed, so you ain't really know what you doing." For YG, it was one of the first conversations he's ever had about mental health. "I didn't really know what mental health was at first," he continued.

When talking to Budnick, YG said he insisted he never opened up to people before because he felt he wasn't supposed to as a man. "That's the problem in communities, y'all don't want to talk to nobody about nothing 'cause y'all felt like y'all men so y'all gotta deal with it, but then that shit come and fuck up your mind and brain, have you doing certain shit."

Despite this, YG said he doesn't cry very often, but he's definitely not afraid to. The last time he cried was when Nipsey passed, but the movie Fruitvale Station also made him shed a tear.

Early in the interview, at the 1:00 mark, he also explained why he originally wanted 4REAL 4REAL to be a surprise drop. Before the death of Nip, he planned to put together a 4Hunnid label compilation, but when he learned he couldn't make that happen he switched plans and decided to get something ready in time for his Coachella performance. "I had two months," he said of the recording process. 

Per Hits Daily Double, YG's album is projected to move around 33,000-37,000 album equivalent units in its first week