As we all hopefully continue to dive deeper and deeper into the brilliance of IGOR, Tyler, the Creator is fielding shoutouts from an assortment of fellow top-tier artists regarding his (Scum Fuck) Flower Boy follow-up.

One such shoutout came from "Summer Games" crafter Drake, who left a litany of bullseye emojis on Tyler's recent Instagram post of the IGOR cover art.

Thursday, Tyler responded to Drake's comment, jokingly suggesting that Drake "send nudes." 

Image via Instagram

Drake, however, is not one of the collaborators Tyler assembled for his 12-track fifth album. Speaking on the brief window of promo that preceded the album's release with Zane Lowe earlier this month, Tyler explained that he's simply not a fan of the lengthier approach favored by some.

"I hate people who hype shit for months in," Tyler said. "I think now people feel obligated to always let everyone know what the fuck they're doing, and I hate that. People don't even have privacy. Everyone got to always like, 'Oh, this what I'm working on, this is who's on the album, this is the track list, this is coming out in eight months.' Just shut the fuck up and put it out when it's ready. People talk too much."

Live from Los Angeles earlier this week, Tyler brought the album to life with a special Apple Music-streamed experience.