As promised, Taylor Bennett has pushed his new The American Reject project to streaming services on a Tuesday, marking an apparent nod to the industry's pre-Friday release methodology.

Mr Hudson, Bianca Shaw, Chance the Rapper, Ty Dolla Sign, and FOREVERBAND are among the guests assembled for the eight-tracker. The project, the third in a series that last saw an entry in the form of Be Yourself, was previously described by Bennett as an exploration of the idea that we are all struggling with acceptance in different ways.

Bringing that notion to life on the cover art, Bennett told Lyrical Lemonade this week, was The Beatles classic Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

"I am a huge fan of rock 'n' roll, I am a huge fan of The Smiths, I am a huge fan of Queen and some modern and alternative bands like Death Cab For Cutie," he said.

Stream The American Reject below.

The project notably features the previously released "STREAMING SERVICES," which got a video from director Stripmall earlier this year. Speaking with Complex at the time, the director praised the consistency of Bennett’s message and said the video was intended to show that "anyone can be a rockstar."