Artists often gain inspiration from a variety of sources, be it their family, a partner or their past experiences, and it's those personal details that can make a good song great or just make a song resonate with the listener. On his follow-up to previous single "Neighbours" and dropping after his headline show in London, Kyan has revealed the black and white visuals for his track "L.A.", which he co-directed and edited himself. His vocals are raw and honest, dripping with emotion and longing, while lyrically expressing emotions that are relatable to us all.

Shot in South Africa, Kyan explained that he "came across an incredible self-portraiture photographer, Danielle Terblance, on Instagram. I had this video concept in the back of my head for a while to create a narrative around a series of still images. We created it using 500 photographs, edited down from the 4,000 we took over the two shoot days. The piece follows my character as a fallen angel, attempting to navigate his way through the South African landscape back to The City of Angels (L.A.)."

He continues: "The narrative concept came from my personal experience of travelling to L.A. after a breakup with my long-term girlfriend and record label. I'd always viewed L.A as this distant, shining beacon of dreams and opportunity then, all of a sudden, I was going there under really difficult circumstances. Due to the breakups, the trip had switched from being something I was running to, to something I was running from. In the weeks before the trip, L.A. became an escape, a chance for air amongst the intense emotional claustrophobia I was experiencing inside."