A couple of weeks ago, DB Sound System's Deli OneFourz released the video for "Good Yute Mad Endz", a lowkey gem that intelligently told the tale of doing your best to stay on the straight and narrow. That single was the first track to be heard from Deli's debut EP of the same name and with the EP having officially dropped today, he's back with the visuals for second single "Sip Slow" with Coco (who also produced the EP) and Nashee.

The relaxed charm of its predecessor is still right at the heart of things but it's good to see what he can do when bouncing off other artists. It also continues the theme of escaping the area you grew up in and not being dragged down by negative influences. Nashee provides the hook, singing of never wanting to return to the tower blocks he came from, before Coco jumps on the spacious instrumental to deliver a punchy, fast-talking verse about grabbing success with both hands and never looking back.