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Recent developments in the ongoing "Did Mike Tyson really exchange blows with Wack 100?" saga have now received another update from Tyson himself.

In an Instagram post tagging his own @hotboxinpodcast account, Tyson—in the caption of a photo of him and 2Pac—heavily implied that he got the first punch in against The Game's manager.

"Everybody has a plan 'til they get punched in the mouth," he wrote, adding a "ain't that right" in Wack's direction. Wack responded in the comments, implying he got the first punch in. "We both know who mouth was bleeding first!!!!" he wrote.

Wack 100 is said to have recently recorded an episode of Tyson's podcast, during which a discussion about 2Pac is alleged to have gone awry. In a photo Wack said was taken before the argument, he claimed Tyson was "still quick with his hands." Later, he shared footage of an ensuing bottle of 50 mg Tramadol:

Overall, it would appear these developments suggest both have decided to take the incident in relative stride. We'll presumably get the full answer when the podcast episode in question is publicly released.

Per a very recent update from Wack 100, Tyson's podcast team apparently reached out to him about releasing "all the footage," an approach with which Wack has zero problems. "PUT THAT SHIT UP, ALL OF IT, NOW!" he said. "LET THE WORLD SEE WHO WENT FIRST!"

At the time of this writing, no such footage was available.