Ahead of this week's acutely mood-lifting blink-182 tour announcement, Lil Wayne had been making it a habit to drop some coffin emoji into his various social media posts, an occurrence many fans took as a sign that his long-awaited Funeral project could be imminent. As ticket info for the blink tour starts to trickle out, fans are now noting that a new Wayne album is quietly confirmed during the checkout process.

Indeed, if you head to the corresponding Ticketmaster page for your date, you'll notice that the expanded Ticket + Music link provides a quick explainer about the tour's use of a now-common practice: free physical music. Each ticket comes with "a physical CD per order" of either "blink-182's or Lil Wayne's forthcoming album."

For a closer look:

Image via Ticketmaster

The blink album mentioned here, of course, has already been publicly confirmed by the band as arriving at some point most likely before the end of June. As of Wednesday, the album—tentatively featuring contributions from Pharrell and The Futuristics—had been sent off for mixing. The recently released "What's My Age Again?"/"A Milli" live mashup will not appear on either blink or Wayne's new album, meant instead to serve just as tour promo.

Though the Ticketmaster confirmation doesn't specifically mention Weezy's Funeral, something new from Lil Wayne released in conjunction with the tour makes sense. If Weezy and blink have coordinated their releases to simultaneously boost the tour, then—given the fact that blink released their lead single Wednesday—we can likely expect a similar move from Weezy soon.