After dubstep had seemingly ran its course in the early 2010s—taken so far from its South London birthplace it was barely recognisable to those who sculpted it in the first place—several other genres and subgenres all enjoyed their time in the sun. UK funky, a UK garage revival, and something called post-dubstep dominated the underground at various points, but the embers of dubstep would continue to burn. Now, in 2019, we're shining a spotlight on some of the producers and DJs who have kept the dubby dream alive.

Originators like Plastician, Mala and others haven't turned their backs on dubstep by any means—the former still regularly spins 140 wompers to sold out crowds, and the spacious strain pushed by DMZ can still be heard in Mala's deep explorations of South America. Still, we wanted to focus on some of the newer names in the scene—names that are returning the sound to its cavernous, minimalist roots. The influence of dub, which became head-scratchingly absent from dubstep's later years, is back in and the ultra-heavy drops and mid-range screeching are out.

Here are seven names you need to know in 2019 and beyond.