After warming fans up with tracks like "Problem / Fuel," "Time for Me," and "Entropy," Supa BWE has dropped off his seven-track project Just Say Thank You

The seven-track EP marks the Chicago artist's first full-length release since 2017's Finally Dead. It also includes the year's first musical offering from Chance the Rapper ("Rememory"), as well as guest appearances by Rexx Life Raj, Duffle Bag Buru, Dounia, and more.

Supa BWE previously connected with Chance on last summer's "Wala Cam" record and 2016's "Fool Wit It Freestyle."

Hours before the EP's release, Supa BWE hopped on Instagram to answer a few questions about the project, including the meaning behind its title, his favorite cuts, and its long delay.

"I've been focused on getting my 'real life' in order while creating and hoarding tons of new music, getting ready for moments like these," he said in response to the latter question. "This just the first of two EPs that serve as preludes for No Thanks. 2019 is finna be a busy year for me!"

You can stream Just Say Thank You now on Apple Music/iTunes and Spotify.

Just Say Thank You EP tracklist
1. "I Hate You"
2. "Time for Me" f/ Rexx Life Raj
3. "Rememory" f/ Chance the Rapper
4. "Boom Boom Boom" f/ Duffle Bag Buru
5. "Slippin / Apex"
6. "Problem / Fuel"
7. "Entropy" f/ Dounia