Melbourne vocalist Mack Moses is back at it with a new single, this time linking up with Grammy-nominated producer Brandon Thomas to create the bouncy new track "Things We've Learned".

Brandon Thomas is best known for producing OG Maco's "U Guessed It", and has also worked alongside names from Kanye to Madonna and Jaden Smith. The American producer and Australian singer first collaborated in West Hollywood, and have since continued working here in Australia, where they produced "Things We've Learned".

This is the second single from Mack Moses' upcoming album CASSANDRA, and follows the theme of the first single "Space", which dealt with Moses' pain as he watched his sister pass away after a battle with cancer. This time around, the vocalist is grieving and doing what he can to make it to the next step. "I've been looking for something to get me out of my daze," are the first words we hear, as Mack reflects on one of the most difficult periods in his life. "It's basically a whole heap of things you learn when you are at rock bottom," he told Complex.

Check the video above, and keep an eye open for CASSANDRA later in the year.