Multiple people have reportedly been injured at a memorial for Nipsey Hussle

Though there were initially reports of shots being fired, the Los Angeles Police Department is saying that those reports "do not appear to be accurate."

Our men and women are on scene and making every effort to protect everyone in attendance at the Nipsey Hussle vigil.

Reports of shots fired at the vigil do not appear to be accurate. We do have injured in the chaos and are attempting to restore order.

— LAPD HQ (@LAPDHQ) April 2, 2019

Informally initial report by LA Fire identifying 12 treated at scene, one transported. No clear nature of that injury. Many treated on scene for sprained ankles.

— Chief Michel Moore (@LAPDChiefMoore) April 2, 2019

The vigil, which was attended by hundreds, was being held outside of Nipsey's Marathon Clothing store in South Los Angeles. "At some point things got a little chaotic, there may have been a fight that broke out in the crowd," LAPD's Josh Rubenstein said to ABC7. 

It's currently unclear exactly how many people were injured in the incident. Footage shows the crowd quickly dispersing though police are unsure as to what caused the crowd to scatter, the Los Angeles Times reports

#BREAKING Reports of shots fired at a vigil for @NipseyHussle.

Woman struck by a vehicle, possibly while trying to flee the area in a stampede after those gunshots. Ambulance requested.

— Elex Michaelson (@Elex_Michaelson) April 2, 2019

HydePark #NipseyHustle memorial a fight breaks out and people start running. Several injured in the stampede LAFD responding. LAPD asking for backup. @FOXLA

— Kevin Takumi (@KevinTakumi) April 2, 2019

A HUGE stampede of people rushed out of the @NipseyHussle memorial area. People thought they heard something break or a loud noise and started running. @ABC7

— Veronica Miracle (@ABC7Veronica) April 2, 2019

The majority of the attendees have left the location and our officers will remain onscene.

Our appreciation to those from our community actively working with members at the vigil to quell violence. Their work is vital

— Chief Michel Moore (@LAPDChiefMoore) April 2, 2019

According to the Los Angeles Times, an official from the Los Angeles Fire Department has said that one person sustained a stab wound while others were injured after they were trampled.

"We had at least one patient in critical condition that was transported at the initiation of the incident, but I cannot confirm the type of injuries suffered at this point," LAFD's Margaret Stewart told USA TODAY. "We have over 65 firefighters on scene."

HydePark #NipseyHustle memorial disturbance. LAFD updated back to 17 patients, 2 critical, 1 moderate, 14 minor. Scene has cleared. LAPD remaining on Tac Alert @FOXLA

— Kevin Takumi (@KevinTakumi) April 2, 2019

Nipsey Hussle was fatally shot on Sunday, March 31. He was 33. 

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