A Louisiana rapper was arrested this week after sending her child to school alone in a ride-sharing service. 

Authorities say 27-year-old Reiona Oliver, aka GameOva Reedy, had placed her 5-year-old son in a Lyft ride and instructed the driver to take him to a school in New Orleans. After the driver informed Oliver her son had to be accompanied by an adult, the mother simply walked back into her home and never returned.

So the man started his vehicle and drove the child ... to the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office. Shorty after the driver told authorities what had happened, Oliver was booked on child desertion charges. Page Six reports the mother also had two outstanding traffic warrants.

According to WWL, Oliver had posted a since-deleted Instagram video stating she wasn't feeling well enough to take her kid to school. The mother claimed she was told that placing her 5-year-old in a Lyft ride unaccompanied was "OK to do." 

Oliver is no longer in police custody. She has since shared a number of Instagram stories of her family's trip to an amusement park.

Oliver is most known for her "FreeStyle" track, which inspired the #FortheD online challenge. In a 2017 TMZ video, Oliver thanked artists like Cardi B and Erykah Badu for co-signing her track, but was upset she hadn't received any credit.