Meek Mill has had a storied relationship with social media. Not only has it caused some family feuds, but it also got him entangled in one of the biggest rap beefs in recent history. Yet, since his release from prison after a controversial sentence for violating probation, Meek seemed to have found a happy medium between his personal thoughts and the ones he projects to his followers. However, on Saturday, Meek's Instagram page mysteriously disappeared leaving many to wonder if Meek is returning to his reclusive ways.

After fans began to notice that Meek deactivated his Insta, the Philadelphia native explained his departure via an ironically cryptic Twitter post.

"No social media," he tweeted. "All real life!"

Meek shed a little more light on his decision when responding to a fan inquiring why he left the 'gram.

"I’m on real life vibes right now," Meek explained. "I be tired of seeing all that capping sometimes."

Although Meek deleted his Instagram, his presence on Twitter gives the assumption that his absence will not be permanent. Meek is not the first—nor will he be the last—celebrity to "delete" a social media account. While the special reason Meek removed his Instagram is unclear, it is known that there is a fairly simple step-by-step process to recover an Instagram account once it's been deleted.