Unfortunately, opportunists will seize any chance to make a buck, even when it comes to free programs handed out at this week's emotional Nipsey Hussle memorial in Los Angeles.

Per a report from TMZ Friday, programs for the Staples Center memorial started popping up on eBay with listings for "hundreds of dollars." Some sellers were even asking for as much $1,500 for the program, which was distributed for free at the memorial and includes photos and tribute letters from friends and admirers.

As you can imagine, the act of selling such an item is not protected by the site's rules. In a statement to TMZ, an eBay rep confirmed the selling of the programs was "prohibited" and ensured that the site's team was working to remove any remaining listings. "These booklets are prohibited under eBay's policies," the rep said. "Any items that attempt to profit from human tragedy or suffering are not allowed to be sold on eBay."

YG and DJ Mustard were honorary pallbearers at the memorial, which was preceded by a private service Wednesday.

In a letter, former POTUS Barack Obama extended his condolences to Nipsey's family and friends. "His choice to invest in [the Crenshaw community] rather than ignore it—to build a skills training center and a cowering space in Crenshaw; to lift up the Eritrean-American community; to set an example for young people to follow—is a legacy worthy of celebration," Obama said, adding that he hopes the memory of Nipsey's work "inspires more good" in Crenshaw and beyond.