From his relationship with Lil Wayne to his relationship with Toni Braxton, and expressing an interest in wanting to get his face tattoos removed, Birdman has been consistently making headlines.

Now, following the release of his collaborative album with Juvenile, Just Another Gangsta, Baby sat down with Drink Champs to discuss his beef with Rick Ross and why Cash Money Records was never friendly with No Limit Records.

When Baby and Weezy were feuding, Ross came to Weezy’s defense on the 2017 song “Idols Become Rivals.” Ross rapped in the third verse: “I pray you find the kindness in your heart for Wayne/His entire life, he gave you what there was to gain/I watched this whole debacle so I'm part to blame.”

“I just came up, I mind my own motherfucking business,” Birdman said of the controversy. “I don't get in no other n***a business So, when another n***a in another n***a business, to me, that's a violation. That's how I come up, simple. I ain't ever been no man to speak down on no man in this music business, never did.”

Birdman continued, “That ain't my thing 'cause I know how hard this shit is. I ain't here to downplay a n***a, I wanna see a n***a come up, period. So, as far as me ever speaking down on a n***a, I don't ever do it. Now if a n***a disrespect me, it's fuck him. Fuck him or bitch, we can kill, shoot, whatever you wanna do. But, as far as me speaking down on a n***a in this game, that ain't my M.O. 'cause I do my thing.”

Baby also touched on the bad blood between Cash Money and No Limit. 

“That shit was real. They ain't fuck with us, we ain't fuck with them,” he said. “We from two different projects, so it just didn't ever mix and me and [Master P’s] relationship never mixed. Maybe the artists, but we didn't fuck with each other, so they couldn't fuck with each other. We just ain't never vibe. We ain't ever had no beef, ain't nobody dead. But, we just didn't ever vibe. Don't get me wrong, I got the utmost respect for him. He from my same city. So, n***as came up and he did some shit n***as still trying to do. He put out 35 albums in one year, that's a lot of hustling. But, I salute to everything he doing."

Watch the rest of Birdman’s interview with Drink Champs above.