50 Cent responded to the news of Nipsey Hussle's heartbreaking murder by posting a tribute, like many others mourning the loss of the West Coast legend. Instead of posting a picture of Nip with his tribute, he instead posted a promotional picture of himself while offering his condolences. Ja Rule was quick to notice the bizarre Instagram post, criticizing 50 and calling him a "bozo" for the move. Now he's responded to the criticism.

"Man I really liked Nipsey," he wrote on a new post which included a video of Nip talking about how 50 influenced him as a businessman. "It's harder for me to express it. Whenever I get quiet it's because I don't understand. R.I.P." While it might seem like he got it right the second time in paying his respect to Nipsey, he did include hashtags for his cognac and champagne brands.

Regardless, 50 has shown a rare moment of vulnerability in admitting that he doesn't always know how to mourn. It's clear that despite his first post, he has the utmost respect for the late rapper. Ja Rule still won't be impressed with this second tribute to Nipsey Hussle, though.