Several men alleged to be behind the recent alleged attack of YBN Almighty Jay have been arrested, though not in connection with the robbery that resulted in Jay being treated for multiple stab wounds earlier this week.

TMZ reported Thursday afternoon that Zae Numbafive and three others, collectively referred to as Jack Boyz, were taken into federal custody Wednesday in the Bronx. The arrests went down as part of a federal investigation they say is not related to the alleged Jay attack.

All four men are reportedly now facing attempted murder in the aid of racketeering and firearms related charges. According to the report, these charges stem from the alleged shooting of an off-duty cop from the New York Police Department. 

The group, at least according to TMZ sources, were also questioned about the Jay incident, with two men allegedly confessing to being at the scene at the time.

Following the surfacing of footage of YBN Almighty Jay allegedly being attacked, additional details on the extent of Jay's injuries were released. Sources said earlier this week that a subsequent attack in Manhattan on the same day left Jay with lacerations to his head and face, reportedly resulting in 300 stitches.

Zae Numbafive has denied involvement in the alleged attack and robbery. In response to a post from J. Prince in which the Rap-a-Lot CEO called out "a clown by the name of Zae," Numbafive said people "don't know the real story." A piece of jewelry resembling YBN Almighty Jay's allegedly stolen Rap-a-Lot chain appeared in a clip from his "Traumatized" video.

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