0121 hero Jaykae's story is an inspiring one, to say the least.

Using the tried and tested formula of pure, hard work, Jaykae began his grind pretty much as soon as he was able to hold a mic — as soon as he hit his late teens, he was knocking out freestyles, writing bars and doing whatever he could to turn his dream into a career. Now it appears he's officially landed, counting fans in the likes of Mike Skinner, Boy Better Know and pretty much the entire grime scene (including a silver plaque for "Toothache"), but he's only just getting started.

2017's Where Have You Been?! was an impressive and carefully-realised effort, but that and A Bite To Eat are the only two projects we've had so far. Hopefully that will change before the year is out, but in the meantime, Jaykae's got some pretty huge live shows coming up (he just blessed the stage at Eskimo Dance), so we caught up with him to find out the songs that have impacted him the most as an artist.


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