As we approach the release of Devlin's fifth studio album, The Outcast (tomorrow, March 15), we've got the last pre-release single to share with you, "Pirate". We've already had "Limelight", "Fun To Me" and "Live In The Booth" — two of which were collabs — and now it's the turn of old friend and collaborator Syer B to join Devlin in the booth.

Together, the pair hop on a raucous, barely contained grime instrumental that mirrors the both emcees' dizzying rhymes about grime's formative years. "This tune reminds me of pirate," Devlin spits before recalling moments of "technical difficulties" and hopping the barriers at the train station because he'd spent his money on radio subs. In between those chaotic but fond memories, you can hear snippets of radio shout-outs and other nods to the organised madness that was pirate radio in its heyday.

While you soak up this little history lesson, just know that the rest of the album more than matches the promises made by these first singles.