Future's fat-shaming controversy is becoming much more serious.

According to BuzzFeed News, plus-size model Naomie Chaput has decided to pursue legal action over discriminatory practices at a Miami Beach nightclub. Chaput, who also goes by Nao, went to social media last week claiming plus-size women were being denied entrance into a venue later identified as Story Nightclub. She told her followers that the club implemented the ban at the request of Future, who was inside the venue on the night of her Instagram Live broadcast.

"So, just got news that this is true, that Future said no fatties in the club—and he has all the rights to do so," Chaput said. "[...] I'm just trying to understand really why this is, like, a thing. Why is he allowed to put those rules in place [...] the discrimination is insane to me."

Future seemingly denied the allegations via Twitter on Friday, writing: "STOP CAPPIN ON MY NAME..I love all women"; however, Chaput's publicist, Daniel Bouabdo, said a promoter informed her Future was behind "no fatties" rule and that he makes the request every time he visits.

Bouabdo told BuzzFeed she reached out to the nightclub as well as Future's team to discuss the situation, but has yet to receive a response. So, Chaput took matters into her own hands and DM'd The Wizrd rapper on Instagram. BuzzFeed has published screenshots of the purported exchange, in which the model reiterates her side of the story and how she was made to believe plus-size women were turned away at Future's request. 

"Can you then say (if it's true) for everyone that you do not support Story Miami Club and their fat phobic ways for literally telling me and my friend NOT to come, on your behalf and LYING to us, that it was per your request that 'not fatties' were allowed?" Chaput wrote.

The responses read: "U lied on my name. U should've said Story told u that shit. U said my name."

Chaput then explained that her publicist has tried to get ahold of his team but has not received a reply. She also suggested Future publicly disassociate with Story if he truly disapproved of the discrimination. 

"If you condone this behavior, your call not mine," Chaput wrote.

"U condone accusing the wrong person and lying.. that's evil! Spread the truth next time when u falsely accuse someone! Your call," the response read.

You can read the full exchange on BuzzFeed.

Chaput and her team did not provide details about their plans to take legal action.