New court documents obtained by Complex reveal that, years before he was arrested last November alongside his star client on racketeering charges, 6ix9ine's former manager Kifano "Shotti" Jordan had numerous issues with law enforcement.

As part of his efforts to regain his spot on 6ix9ine's defense team, which he lost earlier this year, lawyer Lance Lazzaro swore an affadavit on Wednesday. It shared the details of his prior representations of Jordan and another codefendant in the current case, Faheem Walter. Lazzaro, along with Dawn Florio, had been one of 6ix9ine's lawyers throughout the case. But in a hearing on Jan. 22, one day before 6ix9ine's guilty plea, Lazzaro revealed that he had previously represented Jordan and Walter in unrelated cases. As a result of the potential conflict of interest, Lazzaro was kicked off of 6ix9ine's defense team, and was told to reveal details about those past cases in order to get reinstated.

The new affadavit shows that Lazzaro represented Walter briefly in 2018, on a case that was dismissed and sealed. But the lawyer had a much more extensive relationship with Jordan.

Lazzaro was Shotti's lawyer in four separate cases between 2003 and 2015 (and briefly consulted on a separate 2018 situation as well, though that didn't lead to an actual case). Of the four incidents, information about two of them is almost entirely redacted in the new documents. In the earliest of the incidents, from 2003, all that can be told from the unredacted records is that the case involved a car and a gun. Jordan went to trial, and was acquitted.

The most information remains about a 2008 case. It "involved an allegation that Kifano Jordan lead [sic] the police on a high speed chase while driving a dirt bike on the streets of Brooklyn." Jordan pleaded guilty to a reckless endangerment charge for that one, and was sentenced to time served.

Information about the third case, which took place in 2009, is almost entirely redacted as well, except for the fact that it was dismissed and sealed.

The final case of the four took place in 2015. Jordan was accused of assaulting someone. He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, and received a conditional discharge. He also received a two-year order of protection, sometimes called a restraining order—presumably an order for him to stay away from the alleged assault victim, though the details are not stated. 

On March 28, Lazzaro's attempt to represent 6ix9ine again continues with a hearing in front of Judge Paul A. Engelmayer.