Following news of the arrest of Zae Numbafive and others in an unrelated federal investigation, Rap-A-Lot CEO J. Prince has shared a lengthy statement clarifying his previous comments on the alleged attack of YBN Almighty Jay.

In a post tagging Funk Flex, Cardi B, Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Swizz Beatz, and more, J. Prince said he was "never asking" for help "in any capacity." Furthermore, he doesn't need it.

"I witnessed a clown campaigning, bragging, and snitching on himself on a public video about robbing industry people in your backyard so I took it upon myself to alert the ones I have respect for," he said Thursday. "It is clear to me that went over some of y'all heads."

J. Prince also urged that no credit be given to "any of the people I tagged for what others earn," before sending out additional criticism to anyone who's attempted to "narrow down" his message. "My track record speaks for itself so I won’t lip wrestle with punks," he said. See the full post below.

In his previous post calling out "a clown by the name of Zae," J. Prince said the attackers had "robbed a piece of me" by allegedly taking YBN Almighty Jay's Rap-A-Lot piece. "Mob Ties Call To My Real Street N****s Around The World But Especially On The East Coast In The Bronx," he said at the time.

Zae Numbafive was among those taken into federal custody earlier this week in the Bronx in connection with the alleged shooting of an off-duty New York Police Department officer. The suspects, per a report on Numbafive's arrest from TMZ, were also questioned about the alleged YBN Almighty Jay attack.