IDK, no stranger to calling out Logic, gets a bit more specific with it on his new song "Trigger Happy."

Deep into the new song, IDK raps about Logic and his manager trying to "ruin" his deal:

Logic and his manager tried to ruin my deal
I guess that’s what happens when you tell a n***a who spent his whole career proving that he's black that he ain't black still

Later, IDK explains that he's not dropping a traditional diss ("he won't respond") but is instead sending a message to "bigger artists" at large that they can't "cock block" him:

Wednesday, the Jason Mills-directed video for the song was released. Catch that up top. The Logic portions start around the 1:56 mark.

Previously, IDK—though he didn't call Logic out by name—said the Young Sinatria IV artist "isn't actually black." Both artists notably have origins in Maryland, which IDK has also previously pointed out.

IDK most recently dropped off his IDK & Friends tape back in November. This latest track is believed to be taken from his forthcoming ISHEREAL project, which is apparently mere days away from being able to be enjoyed:

Speaking with DJBooth back in December, IDK said he was not quite 40 percent done with a new project that he considers his greatest work to date. "Will I get awards?" he said. "I hope so and I'm gonna work towards it, and I believe in my heart that I will. That's up to the world [to decide]. I know that the content is award-winning." It wasn't specified, however, if the project being discussed then is what is now being referred to as ISHEREAL.