Logic should know better than most to never read the comments. The YSIV rapper divides fans in a way that doesn't seem proportionate to his largely inoffensive music. Discussions around Logic can get nasty and he had a bad habit of reading them.

The central problem with Logic is that a lot of folks find him corny. So, he called up another artist who frequently gets accused of being a lame: J. Cole. According to Logic, the Dreamville head took him on a bit of anti-corny vision quest and let him watch his wackness blow away like clouds.  

He relayed the call with Cole in an interview with Billboard.

“I was like, ‘It’s just so fucked up that people can think I’m this way or that way. I’m a good man. Why would someone talk shit about me?’” Cole, according to Logic, responded, “‘Well, why do you care?’” Logic began to ask himself: “Why do I care that that person said my music isn't that good? That I’m a fuccboi or I’m corny or I’m a hypebeast? Why does it matter?”

Cole then ran down a list of questions for Logic to answer.

Are you corny? “No, I write from the heart.” But why does it hurt when someone says that about you? “I guess it hurts because they don’t really know who I am.” Well, why do you need that person to really know who you are? “Because I feel like if they know who I am, then they’ll like me.” Why do you need that person to like you? “I guess I don’t need them to like me, I just want them to like me.”

An internal conundrum as old as humanity.

We can't say whether Logic turned to a mirror and did the "good enough, smart enough" bit, but Cole's pep talk seems to have worked for him. Logic said that he now hands off social media to someone on his team so that he won't be tempted to backslide into comments sections.

“I’ve come to truly realize that social media, personally, destroys me,” he said. 


On a more positive note, Logic is confident that his upcoming film Everything Must Go will be a success. He doesn't seem at all nervous about his first outing as a screenwriter and actor. (Having the backing of J.J. Abrams certainly can't hurt your confidence.) 

"I don’t mean to sound any type of way when I say, I just know I’m going to be a really great actor, because whatever I do I fucking do it, man," he said. 

Check out the whole interview over at Billboard

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