If I had my way, every single article published this month would in some way be connected to the release of 2 Chainz's incredible new album Rap or Go to the League. Thanks to a new Power 106 interview, we'll at least be getting one Chainz article on this victorious Friday.

Around the 9:30 mark in the video up top, Chainz was praised for album cut "NCAA" and asked to elaborate on his own basketball history. "Well, the incident that happened with me in high school kinda forced me in a certain direction no matter what I wanted to do," Chainz said, seemingly referencing the fact that he got caught selling weed in 12th grade. "Some coaches called me and offered me a scholarship because they heard what happened. I had kinda lied to [the coach] because I had just done some crazy stuff."

The story got even more complicated, however, when a young Chainz agreed to pay Alabama State University a visit. "This coach called me—this whole story is, like, a super roller coaster, right?—so these coaches called me like, 'We heard what happened, man. You know we not far from you. We're a black school. We got other guys from your high school.'"

Not long after, the coaches in question were fired from the team. Unfortunately, Chainz didn't vibe at all with the new staff. "It made me not even like basketball anymore," he recalled. "I remember when I stopped liking it I took a Pell Grant and I bought a pound and I ain't look back no more. "

Below, keep the Rap or Go to the League celebration rolling with a rewatch of his recently released "Money in the Way" video. As Chainz teased Thursday, more videos from the album are imminent.