In 2018, Young Thug was sued for allegedly having an outstanding jewelry debt with Atlanta-based Icebox Jewelers, which claimed that the rapper was loaned more than $200,000 worth of regalia that he failed to pay back. Now, the Slime Language artist has fired back, claiming the company exploited him and thus the case should be thrown out, per The Blast

According to Young Thug, Icebox tried to befriend him before screwing him out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The rapper, whose real name is Jeffery Williams, noted that the company is still using his photo for promotional purposes on their social media.

"Over the course of several months, and on multiple occasions, Plaintiff solicited Williams and urged him to accept expensive jewelry without requiring any payment up-front," the document reads. He then iterates that "predatory business practice involving assurances of a friendly and accommodating transaction with flexible terms to be worked out at a later date, followed by unilaterally set payment terms and deadlines, led to the instant lawsuit."

The jewelry company, on the other hand, is claiming that of the $200,000 worth of jewels loaned to Thug, he has only paid back $95k, which leaves an outstanding balance of $115,090. Icebox further alleged that the rapper "intentionally induced Icebox to allow him to take merchandise." The company then sued Thug for the remaining debt, in addition to $250k in damages. The rapper has claimed that the jewelry store committed fraud, and has demanded that the suit be thrown out. 

This isn't the first time Thug has found himself in a legal predicament. Last year, the rapper was jailed for failing a drug test after a scheduled arraignment. The drug test was a court-ordered repercussion after he was charged with eight felonies related to drug possession. 

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