Tyler, the Creator and ASAP Rocky seem to be on good terms, even after their public semi-spat last month. The former Odd Future head brought out the leader of the ASAP Mob for a performance of their 2016 collaboration "Telephone Calls" at Miami's III Points Festival.

The on-stage meeting occurred after the pair went back-and-forth over their long-rumored WANGSAP album. Tyler accused Rocky of talking up a project that didn't exist and Rocky countered by saying that he "might just punch him in the face."

"I don't even want to speak on it because I don't even know him," Rocky said in an interview with Los Angeles' Power 106. "I don't like him. F Tyler. If I see that dude I might just punch him in the face. Straight up. I want all the smoke."

Rocky's comments came in response to Tyler wishing he would "shut the fuck up" and telling fans to not get their hopes up over a collaborative album.

"I wish Rocky would shut the fuck up and stop always saying what he's working on 40 years before it's even a fleshed out idea," he said. "With that said, again, don't get your hopes up and be 'disappointed' because something that doesn't really exist didn't come out. That shit don't exist y'all."

The fact that they are back in the same room isn't helping fans who want to keep their expectations low. Every time Lord Flacko and Tyler have linked up in the past, it's produced something special. Whether it's this Cozy Tapes cut or last year's one-off "Potato Salad," the pair bring out the best in each other.