Refs, aka producer Zach Lipkins and singer Rich Saunders, are a duo from New York who are just about to release their new single "Crying". They've had a strong run of releases since 2017, even having "Forever" featured on HBO's Girls and "Fool" in Netflix smash Riverdale. Now they're gearing up for their first NYC show on March 2 and "Crying" looks set to be a new fan favourite.

Continuing the marriage of dreamy production and lilting vocals most recently heard on tracks like "Stories" and "Milk" from last year, "Crying" goes even further down that road with mesmeric results. Even at its most kinetic, Lipkins' production is kept restrained enough for the Saunders' mournful vocals to glide softly across the track as he sings about missed opportunities and second-guessing yourself.

Explaining the track's meaning, Refs told us: "In relationships, we are responsible for setting our own boundaries, and more importantly, holding steadfast once they've been crossed. It's often our own inaction that turns the knife."