Created during studio sessions between the UK and their home country of Italy, R&B duo MwS are today sharing their latest single "Grow". The folk and jazz-infused new single drops tomorrow but you can get the first listen below.

Centred around singer Giulia Magnani's sweet and smoky vocals and Francesco Drovandi's nimble guitar licks, "Grow" is a thoughtfully crafted tale of taking risks to pursue what makes you happy. Ultimately, the song encourages us to take a deep breath, overcome our self-doubts and make the plunge into whatever big decision we may be hesitating over. Easier said than done, sure, but words of encouragement never sounded so sweet.

In advance of the single's release, the pair took to Facebook earlier this week to explain the sentiment behind it: "We just realised that half the people we know are around the world trying to build the life they dream of. This seems to be defining for our generation. 'Grow' really helped us taking new steps in our journey and it became a mantra for us. It's a song about learning and growing... We hope you'll feel the same about it."