R&B riser Miller Blue had a fantastic year in 2018, building an impressive amount of buzz based on the quick succession of "Pieces", "Marigold", "Rhythm In The Dance", "Rush" and "Rose". Now he's back to kick off an even bigger year with the Cotton EP, which pulls together the latter four of those tracks and adding three more originals: "Streets Of Croatia", "Lonely Nights (Interlude)" and "Lately". 

Fans new and old will be pleased to hear him continue down the path he laid out last year, smooth and emotive R&B capped off with a thoroughly British sensibility. As we approach spring, the Cotton EP acts as a timely conclusion to the singles that launched his career while laying the foundations for what's to come. 

On his thoughts behind the EP, Miller Blue told Complex:

"I remember first listening through the finished EP and realising how it had grown with me over the last three years; from love to friendship to mental health to just life in general, I guess. I've been forced to grow up quickly within this time and each song for me signifies a different part of this. Cotton itself is soft and grows in a little protective pod. Growing up in such a small village, I felt similar in some strange way. However, cotton can be made into a number of things and I feel this EP is simply a reflection of the start of my growth into the person I'm becoming and will always, without fail, anchor me back to my roots." 

Stream the Cotton EP exclusively below.