If you've been following the blossoming career of KiLLOWEN, you may mistakenly believe you know what he's about as an artist. Last year's "Adrenaline Rush", for example, combined distorted punk guitars with a vocal delivery closer to rap than singing, leading everyone (including us) to start describing him as a rapper.

Well, we were wrong. His latest single, "Pluto", subverts everything we thought we knew and presents us with a much softer side to the artist. He's eased up on the distorted guitars and his deep, arresting vocals are much softer in delivery, though not quite as soft as Carla who steps in to sing her side of the story. And that's before we get to the subject matter which swaps out all the raucous punch in favour of a sensitively sung tale of an alien finding love among the stars. 

Speaking with Complex via email, KiLLOWEN explained: "This song is like an alien love story, representing the universe bringing together something beautiful, that was made to be, hence the lines 'Saturn's rings fit your fingers, ever so nicely. The stars were made to compliment you, ever so lightly'. The song and video are supposed to show the people that even weird things can be viewed as beautiful." 

What his next release brings us really is anyone's guess at this point.