Adding live marching drums to a song is a surefire way to boost an audience's guaranteed enjoyment level. On the latest slice of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Lil Pump's "Be Like Me" was proven to be no exception to that unofficial rule of live arrangements.

In addition to an assortment of buzzing snares, Pump spent this (unfortunately Weezyless) performance of the Eminem-nodding Harverd Dropout single beneath a graduation gown not unlike the one found on the new album's humorously collegiate cover. Interestingly, this notably all went down the same day Pump's label released a statement concerning the real Harvard.

Catch the full Kimmel version of "Be Like Me" up top.

Breaking down the makeshift bedroom approach that has been the setting for their most fruitful sessions, producer Diablo recently explained to Complex Pump's general aversion to the traditional studio atmosphere.

"He doesn't really even like the studio that much," he said earlier this month. "We do a lot of home setups or set up anywhere really that isn't a studio. That's where we make most of our hits. We make bedroom hits, basically."

As for the presumed logistical problems that approach might include, Diablo brushed off the perhaps antiquated obsession with perfectly sound-proofing a recording space. "If you can get a clear vocal, you don't need to record in a soundproof room," Diablo, who's recorded Pump in garages and on moving tour buses, said. "It all comes down to mixing them later on." He's right.