Over the past five years, Cambridge-born Kyan has slowly built up a remarkable buzz. EPs like 2014's Days In A Triangle and Remote View from the following year have earned him fans across the globe, not least the legendary Nile Rogers. That hasn't gone to his head, though, and as his latest single "Neighbours" shows, his songwriting remains thoughtful and unassuming.

"Neighbours" dropped a couple of weeks ago and now that the dust has settled he's revealed the track's video, directed and choreographed by Humans and Blindspot actor Ukweli Roach. In it, we follow Kyan and a small group as they slowly come to terms with—and navigate—a post-apocalyptic hellscape, caked in dust and disheveled from what came before. As Kyan explains in greater detail below, the premise revolves around the not impossible idea that the current climate of fear and suspicion could well be what brings society crashing to its nears.

Kyan elaborates: "The video for 'Neighbours' portrays a dystopian world ruled by The Party. The Party monopolise all media and have one sole purpose, to control by fear. Fear of your fellow man. Fear of your neighbour. The situation has reached such a fever pitch that people have retracted from society on a mass scale. Hidden communities of increasingly nervous and volatile folk have sprung up underground, with the inhabitants living only amongst those they know they can trust."