It looks like Kodak Black will not be joining arms with T.I. and Soulja Boy as he let it be known that he is going to continue to wear Gucci. 

On Monday, Feb. 11, Kodak took to Instagram Live with a video explaining why he thinks the public is overreacting to the latest Gucci/Blackface scandal.

"See my little Gucci clothes that I bought? And I'ma wear it... I'm black, right? And I'm thug to the bone, right? And I fuck with white people, right? But sometimes black people do be reaching for like no reason. Just be reaching," Kodak began. "Them people ain't do nothing—them people ain't say nothing bout no racist shit. Them people just had a little ski mask—there's all kinds of ski masks in the world."

The ski mask Kodak is referring to is a sweater made and produced my Gucci that has a mask built into the neck that resembles blackface imagery. Although Gucci immediately issued an apology, enraged consumers called for a boycott of the brand. Everyone from designer Jerry Lorenzo to Soulja Boy has denounced the brand for their insensitivity. Kodak, however, feels that there are bigger fish to fry than a sweater.

"Them people wasn't on no racist shit," Kodak said. "How 'bout yall go shoot up the KKK, then?"